Spectrum TV Packages, Plans, and Prices

Great Channel Lineup and Premium Content

  • Get 125+ national and local channels
  • Access to the Spectrum TV App
  • Get Free HD options
  • Over 50,000 On-Demand titles
  • No contract required

Starting from just $19.99/mo*.

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Popular Charter Spectrum TV Plans Near You

Spectrum TV Select


  • Over 125 channels including ESPN, TLC, Discovery, CNN, MTV, Lifetime, and more
  • Crisp HD Experience
  • Thousands of On-Demand viewing choices
  • Free Spectrum TV App

TV Choice 15


  • 15 Channels of your choice
  • HD Channels + Premium Viewing Experience
  • Thousands of On-Demand viewing choices + Local Channels
  • Free Spectrum TV App

Spectrum TV Essentials


  • Over 200 channels
  • Including premium networks like SHO, EPIX, MAX and More
  • Cloud DVR plus
  • Crisp HD viewing experience
  • Free Spectrum TV App

Upgrade Your Entertainment with the Spectrum TV Experience



Service Contracts Holding You Back?

Let Spectrum Help You Make a Hassle-Free Switch with an Easy Buyout◊

Charter TV packages are consistently among the best anywhere in the United States. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that you’re considering making a switch. But what if you’re stuck in an unwanted long-term contract and don’t want to shell out those hefty early termination fees?

Spectrum can help you switch over much faster and without having to pay any penalties, by buying you out of your existing contract for up to $500. To sweeten the deal, the provider also has no contract requirements for new customers, meaning you can try out the service without the fear of ending up in another unwanted commitment. But once you get a taste of the experience Spectrum TV has to offer, you’ll never want to go with another provider again.

Best Spectrum TV Plans

One of the provider’s biggest selling points is how Spectrum TV Plans are tiered and structured. The company’s customer-first approach ensures that each of the TV plans contains a well-rounded channel lineup ranging from sports to news to lifestyle entertainment. Every plan also grants subscribers access to the provider’s TV App for off-TV or on-the-go viewing. Enjoy the full extent of the massive channel lineups included in all plans, starting from 125+ channels and HD options with the entry-tier plan. Don’t hesitate to upgrade to premium plans for exclusive content.

Spectrum TV packages

Spectrum TV Select Plan

Spectrum TV Select is an entry-level TV plan that offers a lot of value and diversity in terms of the channel lineup. Subscribers to this plan get access to over 125 channels including free HD options, with choices ranging from travel to nature to popular sports. The starter TV plan punches well above its weight with entertainment options that appeal to members of virtually all ages in any American household. With a price tag to match its unbeatable entertainment value, each TV Select plan includes:

  • Over 125 channels including free HD options
  • Includes MTV, ESPN, TLC, Discovery, and HGTV
  • Includes access to the Spectrum TV App for on-the-go viewing
  • Thousands of On-Demand movies, TV shows, and music titles to choose from

Spectrum TV Essentials

This mid-tier plan is a huge favorite with subscribers, particularly the ones who want to bundle high-definition TV with other stellar services for a more convenient and manageable service experience. Even as a standalone TV-only plan, the TV essentials plan offers you great value with access to more than 175 unique channels including HD options. The plan also gives you access to select premium networks that offer high-tier entertainment or live sports. Along with Spectrum support, you have access to several goodies:

  • Over 175 channels including free HD options
  • Includes NFL Network, Nick Jr., SHOWTIME, and HBO
  • Access shows, movies, and music on the go with the Spectrum TV App
  • Thousands of titles to choose from within the On-Demand Library
Spectrum TV Choice Channels
Spectrum TV prices

Spectrum TV Choice Plan

The Spectrum TV choice plan is the most popular premium TV plan in most service areas. It is especially suited for discerning consumers and entertainment junkies who demand the very best entertainment that networks in the United States can offer. With access to virtually all premium sports and entertainment networks, you also get access to everything in the lower-tier plans. Along with free access to the HBO Max App and all the premium entertainment you can stream on-demand, the plan includes several important and appealing features, including:

  • More than 200 channels with free HD options included
  • Access to premium networks like NHL Network, NFL RedZone, STARZ, Discovery Family, and EPIX.
  • Comes with access to the Spectrum TV App and the HBO Max App to watch content on the go
  • Thousands of movies, TV shows, and music titles available On-Demand
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No Contract Required

Spectrum does not require long-term contracts, allowing you the freedom to experiment with different plans to find the best one for your needs. All without having to worry about early termination penalties in the unlikely event you choose to go with another provider at some point in the future.

Spectrum video player
Premium Networks Included

Let’s face it. The best content is still usually available only on TV, and premium networks control the rights to their best content fiercely. A higher-tier plan like TV Essentials or TV Choice offers you access to premium networks, content, and even exclusive streaming apps like HBO Max.

Spectrum lock settings
Buy-Out◊ For New Subscribers

Want to switch to the Spectrum TV experience but stuck in an existing contract with a provider that doesn’t deliver the entertainment you crave? Spectrum offers to buy qualifying customers out of their existing contract for up to $500. That means you can switch today with no early termination charges.

Spectrum Internet Only

Bundle TV and Other Services

Standalone Spectrum TV packages are a great choice in any case. With TV consumers still outnumbering internet streamers, for the most part, a TV plan is always a necessity in most households. But that doesn’t mean you can’t balance your entertainment needs between a stellar TV plan and an online streaming platform of your choosing. With the growing shift towards remote work and online learning, households are actually seeing an increase in their internet usage. In other words, internet access is every bit as important as a TV service in the modern home today.

However for the best experience from all that Spectrum has to offer, you should opt for one of the provider’s bundle offers. Bundles combine two or more services together to offer an enhanced experience at a much better value for money. Spectrum Triple Play bundles are popular all over the United States because they offer:

  • Unlimited access to high-speed internet.
  • No hard data caps or throttling.
  • Advanced home phone features.
  • 125+ channels including HD options with every bundle.

A Massive On-Demand Library of Titles

Live TV is one of the best things about having access to a reliable HD cable service. But sometimes, you feel like watching something very particular. People form connections with movies and shows that resonate with them at different parts of their lives. So you may find an uncontrollable urge to watch an old Indiana Jones movie or a sitcom like The Big Bang Theory for some light-hearted fun every now and then. Or you may want to watch a feel-good movie after a rough month to add some positivity to your life. But when you browse through options on your favorite streaming service, you often find that a lot of them don’t have the titles you want.

That’s because most networks understand what their most valuable content is, and only licensed distributors have the right to offer it. With disputes between streaming services and networks becoming almost commonplace by now, you can probably forget about finding Battlestar Galactica on Netflix. For exactly these moments, Spectrum TV packages come with access to the provider’s on-demand library. You get:

  • On-demand library included in the price of plan.
  • Access to thousands of unique titles.
  • Choose from popular TV shows, movies, and music content.
  • Accessible on the go via the Spectrum TV App.
Spectrum internet ultra
Spectrum internet gig

DVR Access For Convenient Viewing

Modern TV consumers love their entertainment, but the busy nature of modern life often means viewers miss out on their favorite programming simply because they couldn’t catch the broadcast in time. Does that mean you restrict yourself to discussion boards full of spoilers for a second-hand account of the missed episode or game or fight night? Not if Spectrum can help it. The provider’s outstanding DVR service allows for up to 4 TVs in a home, with additional DVRs available at a reasonably fair monthly rental billed to your subscriber account. This DVR allows you to record, store, and access hours and hours of your favorite TV broadcast content, sports events, TV shows, and movies.

That means no matter what your plans, or how uncertain they are, you can rest assured you won’t miss out on a single second of your favorite entertainment programs. With plans like TV choice including at least one HD box in addition to the DVR, you will be able to record and view content in HD. Spectrum’s DVR service typically includes:

  • Schedule automatic recordings.
  • Record in SD or HD video quality.
  • Record entire seasons as they air.
  • Watch stored content anytime you want.

On-The-Go Access with Spectrum TV App

Everybody loves to watch entertainment content from the comfort of their home or in the company of a few select friends or loved ones. Unfortunately, it is all too common for many subscribers to find themselves traveling frequently. You may have firsthand experience as to how disruptive this can be to your entertainment needs and how frustrating it is to catch up on a missed live game or TV special. But does that mean you should resign yourself to it as a necessity of your career or lifestyle? Not necessarily. Not if you have the Spectrum TV App, in any case.

The provider’s TV App is a smartphone application that allows you to take your entertainment mobile. You don’t need to be seated in front of your primary home TV. Not when you can watch your shows and sports on your computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. With the App and reliable internet access, you can view live broadcasts, exclusive content, and even DVR recordings from just about anywhere in the United States. The Spectrum TV App includes:

  • Live broadcast streaming.
  • Scheduled TV programming.
  • Premium sports content.
  • Remote viewing anywhere.
Spectrum internet assist

Bundle Your Services For the Best Value

Spectrum bundles are the real reason it has climbed all the way to the top of the internet and cable TV service industry. Why? Because the savings and the service value are hard to ignore.

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TV, internet, and digital voice for residential subscribers.

Spectrum Triple Play TV Essentials

  • Spectrum Internet speeds starting from 100 Mbps**
  • Up to 200 channels and HD options.
  • High-quality digital voice experience.
  • Convenient and manageable billing.
  • Virtually unbeatable bundle offers.

Starting At


for 12 months

Their plans serve low data as well as high data users.

Your Spectrum of Entertainment

Entertainment plus convenience is what you get. The provider with its extensive channel list will never disappoint you because whatever your favorite channel, you are most likely to find it!

On-The-Go TV Access

Never miss out on your favorite live programming again. Access to the Spectrum TV app lets you watch your content from virtually anywhere. The TV App lets you connect via your Spectrum customer credentials for remote streaming.

Diverse Plans to Suit Everyone

Spectrum TV packages have up to 200+ diverse channels available, including HD options. The broad range of entertainment types can suit just about any taste. A single plan should be enough to offer the full flavor of cable TV entertainment.

Premium Networks Available

Premium shows like the upcoming Game of Thrones spinoffs are only available on premium networks. At the same time, licensed providers usually have these networks included in higher-tier plans such as Spectrum TV Essentials or Choice.

On-Demand Content Access

There’s nothing better than the freedom of being able to choose exactly what you want when you want it. That is exactly what the provider’s On-Demand library offers with a selection of over 50,000 unique titles to choose from. With licensed content from major networks, you’re likely to always find something to watch.

Great High-Speed Internet

High-speed internet access is essential, and the consumer need for a reliable internet service continues to grow. Spectrum gives subscribers access to cable internet speeds up to 100 Mbps* without any data limits. Since both use the same infrastructure, the provider’s internet is available wherever its cable service is.

High-Quality Voice Services

Digital voice services have replaced conventional landlines. The provider’s voice services come with crystal clear voice quality, advanced calling features, and unlimited local and long-distance calling. You can also make international calls to many countries around the world. Voice services are only available when bundled.

Rich Channel Lineups With Every Plan

Nothing beats unwinding after a hard day at work with a great movie or TV show that you enjoy. Or, maybe reality TV helps you take your mind off the harsher realities of your own life. Or, maybe you enjoy learning about nature, places, other cultures, and even food.

Whatever your particular brand of entertainment, Spectrum TV packages have something for everybody. The diverse and tiered channel lineups with each plan are geared to offer a broad range of entertainment for all members of a household, from adults to teens to kids to even pets. There is virtually no broadcast entertainment taste that you can’t find gratification for on a Spectrum TV plan.

With up to 200 channels, including free HD options, you can be sure you’ve made the best entertainment choices at a great price. And with all the extra goodies like DVR service, premium content access, and one of the largest on-demand libraries in the business, choosing Spectrum TV can often seem like a no-brainer.

Spectrum Essentials unlimited data

The Spectrum TV Advantage

Allows You to Filter the Content

Spectrum TV will make a great addition to your home to take care of all your entertainment needs thanks to the plethora of channels it offers. You also get parental control that gives you have the ability to block inappropriate content.

Easy Access to TV Guide

By offering an on-screen TV guide, you can easily sort all of your favorite channels in such a way that it becomes super easy and simple to find what you are looking for. In this way, you will never miss out on a show ever again!

Charter Spectrum Cloud

Features That Set Spectrum Apart

Access to Spectrum App

With Spectrum TV App, you will be able to enjoy your favorite TV shows no matter where you are. It will work on both tablets and mobile devices. It lets you stream around 60 channels in addition to your full cable lineup.

Unmatchable Customer Service

Spectrum is serving millions of customers across the United States. People trust it when it comes to their customer service. The professional reps work hard and are always ready to respond and resolve your service issues immediately.

Availability of Spectrum Where You Are!

With its offerings of the Internet, cable TV, and Voice services in around 41 states, New York, California, and Texas has the most substantial coverage. Therefore, wherever you are located, chances are you will find these services there. However, just to be sure, check the availability of the services in your city or state.

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Overview of Plans at a Glance

Do not look at just the price tag! There is so much that goes into choosing the most suitable TV plan. Find out which tier includes the features that match the number of users in your household, as well as their preferences. Because when it comes to entertainment, Spectrum TV offers something for each age group. So have a detailed look so that you get the most out of your service without putting a hole in your pocket.

PlanStarting Price*Number of ChannelsSpectrum TV AppOn-Demand AccessDVR ServiceHD BoxPremium Networks
TV Select$59.99 per month125+
TV Choice$29.99 per month175+
TV Essentials$24.99 per month200+

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Spectrum TV?

Spectrum TV is Charter’s cable TV service, available to subscribers in 3 plan tiers called TV Select, TV Essentials, and TV Choice. The service offers access to up to 200+ channels including HD options.

How much does a Spectrum TV plan cost?

The final price depends on the plan you choose and what you add to it. Typically, entry-level TV Select plans start at an appealing price tag of just $44.99/mo*.

Is Spectrum TV available near me?

The provider has one of the largest service footprints in the country. With Spectrum’s TV services available in 44 states across the nation, you’re likely already in a service area.

How large is the Spectrum coverage area?

Spectrum Internet has one of the largest service coverage footprints among internet providers in the United States. With service areas spanning over 40 states across the country.

Why bundle TV with other services?

Standalone TV services are great, but you can supplement your Spectrum subscription with high-speed internet and advanced digital voice to meet your household needs, for a great price.

Does Spectrum require a contract?

One of the best reasons to choose Spectrum as a TV provider is that you are not required to enter into a long-term commitment for a standalone TV plan. Subscribe without the added pressure of early termination fees.

Does Spectrum TV need Internet?

No, Spectrum Tv necessarily doesn’t require an internet plan. Spectrum has an option of traditional, standalone cable TV deals that you can have without Spectrum Internet.

Is the Spectrum TV app free?

Yes, the Spectrum Tv app is free, but it’s connected to Spectrum internet and your selected cable TV plan.


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