Get What You Love with Spectrum TV Essentials

High Speed Internet and Diverse Channel Lineup

  • Internet speed up to 300 Mbps
  • Cloud DVR+
  • Around 60+ live streaming HD channels
  • Access to 10,000+ movies and TV shows
  • No contract required

Starting from just $24.99/mo*.

Spectrum TV Essentials

Popular Charter Spectrum TV Plans Near You

Spectrum TV Select


  • Over 125 channels including ESPN, TLC, Discovery, CNN, MTV, Lifetime, and more
  • Crisp HD Experience
  • Thousands of On-Demand viewing choices
  • Free Spectrum TV App

TV Choice 15


  • 15 Channels of your choice
  • HD Channels + Premium Viewing Experience
  • Thousands of On-Demand viewing choices + Local Channels
  • Free Spectrum TV App

TV Essentials


  • Over 200 channels
  • Including premium networks like SHO, EPIX, MAX and More
  • Cloud DVR plus
  • Crisp HD viewing experience
  • Free Spectrum TV App

Get The Ultimate Live TV Streaming Experience with TV Essentials Package


HD Channels
300 Mbps
On Demand TV Shows & Movies

Don’t want to pay for an extensive channel lineup?

Spectrum Essential Package brings you 60+ HD channels, including local, news, and premium channels to meet your entertainment needs!

If you’re one of those who miss the entertainment live TV provides, this package is perfect for you! Available to Spectrum Internet users, it offers up to 60+ popular HD channels with a variety of music, lifestyle, entertainment, and news channels.

What’s great about them is that you can access this service without having a cable subscription. Cord-cutters who have internet access through the provider can take advantage of the promotion and start streaming live TV on all their devices using the Spectrum TV App. Naturally, the service has fewer channels than the Spectrum TV Choice Package, however, it still manages to compile a vast array of entertainment choices excluding ESPN-like sports channels.

TV Essentials and Internet

TV Essentials + Internet

Widely popular among subscribers, Spectrum TV Essentials Package is a mid-tier plan that is preferred by those wishing to combine high-definition TV with other excellent services to experience manageable and convenient services. The Spectrum Essentials package, which offers 175 unique channels and above including HD selections, is fantastic value even if you only want TV service. Additionally, the subscription grants you access to a few premium networks that include live sports or top-notch entertainment. In addition to Spectrum technical  support, you can get access to a number of other things:

  • 100 MBPs Blazing fast internet along with Security Suite
  • 175+ HDTV channels
  • Numerous On-Demand choices, with free primetime on demand
  • TV app included
Spectrum hotspot
On-the-Go Content

The majority of the live TV services have the drawback of not being portable. You can only view content from the confines of your home. However, with Spectrum TV Essentials package you can stream your entertainment from any location through the Spectrum TV App. Simply log into the app using your TV Essentials credentials to begin streaming wherever you are.

Spectrum video player
On-Demand Content

You have access to Spectrum’s on-demand selection with the TV Essentials plan, just as you have with Spectrum cable subscription. Have you missed a recent episode of your favorite program? No need to fret, because you can now see the missed episode by watching it on demand. There is a ton of content begging to be explored.

Spectrum lock settings
Excellent Video and Audio Quality

Entertainment addicts have high standards for the material they consume. Any latest streaming service might be swiftly put out of business by poor audio and visual quality. You’re in luck because most of the material on TV Essentials package is available in either 720p or 1080p. Additionally, it has sound that is of good stereo quality.

Spectrum TV Essentials Channel Lineup 2023

Spectrum TV Essentials Channel Lineup

The streaming service, according to the company, offers 60 channels, including Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, HGTV, Hallmark Channel, and others. However, there aren’t a lot of sports options on it, so forget about watching NBC Sports Network on the weekends. Bravo, Disney Channel, E!, TBS, TNT, USA Network, and other important sports networks such as FS1, and ESPN are the ones that are notably missing. Apart from this, regional and local channels are also excluded from the service.

Spectrum Tv Essentials channel lineup includes the following categories:

  • Kids.
  • Entertainment.
  • News.
  • Lifestyle.

How to Gain Access to Spectrum Essential Package Content

The service offered by Spectrum functions exactly like other streaming services in the modern day. To put it another way, all you require is to be subscribed to the service, a functioning internet connection, and one or more supported devices. Fortunately, the service is compatible with a wide range of devices, which makes it much simpler for users to obtain the live TV content they require online. You can utilize the service on PCs, tablets, and smartphones with the Spectrum TV App. Additionally, you can use the service to organize all of your favorite content into one place by making a watching queue for it.

Only one device may be streamed at once, for now. This makes it ideal for individuals who prefer private entertainment times or who like to live independently without the need to share screens or entertainment. However, it’s still a smart decision for families, particularly for those who love to gather in front of the TV to get their daily fix of entertainment.

Spectrum Essentials
Spectrum Essentials Compatible Devices

Compatible Devices

To function, Spectrum TV Essentials package needs the Spectrum TV App. In essence, it has compatibility with every hardware capable of running the provider’s TV app. Furthermore, practically every Samsung Smart TV supports the service. The full list of suitable hardware for the streaming service is provided below:

    • Android Phones and Tablets.
    • IOS Tablets and Phones.
    • Amazon Kindle Fire.
    • Xbox One.
    • Apple TV.

However, keep in mind that none of the below-mentioned devices are compatible with the streaming service:

    • VIZIO Smart TVs.
    • PlayStation Consoles.
    • Google Chromecast.
    • Nintendo Consoles.
    • Android TV.
    • LG Smart TVs.

Cost of TV Essentials

You’re probably eager to learn how much it will cost to stream 60 live channels by this point. Of course, no one enjoys shelling out hundreds of dollars a year for cable bills that only provide a few channels. Fortunately, Spectrum’s internet-based streaming service is reasonably priced. Starting prices are relatively reasonable at $24.99 per month. To learn all the details about the subscription cost, call the customer support number.

The service is provided without any additional or unstated fees from the provider. The Spectrum streaming service is more affordable than competing options like SlingTV or PlayStation Vue in absolute terms. Remember that the service currently only provides live streaming and pay-per-view channels are not offered.

Cost of Spectrum TV Essentials

A Look at TV Essentials Tech Specs

The Spectrum TV Essentials Package comes with a few technical specs, performing as per your network connection.

package icons

720p HD streaming, reliability, and stereo sound for subscribers.

Spectrum Essentials Tech Specs

  • Stereo Audio
  • 60+ HD Channels
  • 720p to 1080p HD Streaming
  • Adaptive Streaming.

Starting At


for 12 months

Their plans serve low data as well as high data users.

Other Improvements and Features

The development of a new plan or service is not the end for providers like Spectrum. They constantly endeavor to improve it so that it becomes the most coveted product in the market.

Parental Controls

The content that children watch has always been a big concern for parents. While PG ratings and warnings assist parents in determining what material is suitable for their children, they do not prevent kids from watching that material on their own. For this reason, a lot of people wish that parental controls were available on the TV Essentials service to enable parents to limit their children’s access to violent or mature content.

Cloud DVR Storage

By any measure, the Spectrum TV  service is an excellent one. However, a cloud DVR feature is absent. Keep in mind that cable DVRs are probably not available to cord-cutters and more commonly they don’t want equipment and wires taking up room in their homes. To truly achieve cord cutting, Spectrum will therefore need to bundle the TV Essentials service with a cloud DVR.

Wider Compatibility

Numerous devices are already compatible with the service. It does not yet support other devices like Google Chromecast or PlayStation 4. Many customers anticipate the service rolling out support for such devices in the upcoming months.

Internet Speeds Required for TV Essentials Service

The streaming service functions through an internet connection similarly to any other modern extraordinary entertainment service. This means your internet connection has a significant impact on the quality of the image and audio you get. Depending on the station, most channels either stream in 720p or 1080p. You might require up to 6Mbps in order to watch in HD. As long as your internet connection is strong, you won’t experience any audio issues because stereo quality audio is streamed through this service.

Spectrum Essentials unlimited data

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you watch Spectrum TV Essentials?

You simply need to subscribe to the Spectrum TV Essentials service and make sure you have a reliable and functioning internet connection, along with supported devices.

Does spectrum TV Essentials include local channels?

No, local channels are not included in this service.

What do you get with TV Essentials?

Tv Essentials includes 60+ live streaming HD channels, 300 Mbps internet speed, and 10,000+ on-demand TV shows and movies.

Does Spectrum TV Essentials include NBC?

No, Spectrum TV Essentials does not include NBC and other important sports networks.

Is Cloud DVR+ Included in Spectrum TV Essentials?

Yes, the package includes Cloud DVR+.

How can I cancel my Spectrum TV Essentials subscription?

Any time you wish to cancel the Spectrum TV Essentials service, you can call their helpline.


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