Spectrum One: The Ultimate Connectivity Package!

Save big with the Spectrum One bundle that includes the perfect combo of three services featuring:

  • Advanced WiFi
  • High-speed Internet from 300 Mbps to 1 Gbps (wireless speeds may vary)
  • Unlimited Mobile Line
  • Existing Customers eligible for Spectrum One Savings

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Spectrum One Plans, Prices and Speeds

Get a free Spectrum mobile line, Advanced WiFi, and Spectrum Internet for just $49.99/mo with Spectrum One.



  • Upto 300Mbps in download speed
  • Unlimited Mobile Line
  • Advanced Wifi



  • Upto 500Mbps in download speed
  • Unlimited Mobile Line
  • Advanced Wifi



  • Upto 1Gbps in download speed
  • Unlimited Mobile Line
  • Advanced Wifi

Experience Connectivity at the Speed of Light



The Perfect Solution Bundled Up at an Affordable Price

Say Hello to Big Savings by Availing the Spectrum One Deal

The days of draining your finances are finally over thanks to the Spectrum One Plan. Giving you the option to choose from 300 Mbps to 1 Gbps (wireless speeds may vary) worth of high Internet speeds, this package includes Advanced WiFi and an Unlimited Mobile Line, at the most affordable rates. What’s more is that if you qualify for their Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), you get to save up to $40 a month! This means you get the Spectrum One Bundle at only $19.99 a month! If you’re looking to save up on some big bucks, this is just the package for you!

Spectrum One Speeds

Lightning-Fast Speeds You Can Depend Upon

Being among the leaders of the Internet service industry in America, Spectrum offers a bundle that is the ultimate answer to all your Internet needs. Starting from 300 Mbps (wireless speeds may vary), Spectrum One includes plans like Internet Gig and Internet Ultra, with Internet speeds as fast as up to 1Gbps (wireless speeds may vary). So, whether you want to send emails, play online games, or stream through the Spectrum TV Choice package, you don’t need to worry about lags anymore!

  • From 300Mbps up to 1Gbps Speeds
  • Free Modem
  • Free Antivirus
  • Plans like Internet Gig and Internet Ultra Included

Starting at

$ 49.99
per month

Secure Advanced WiFi

Spectrum guarantees its users continuous and stable Internet access provision, alongside browsing, streaming, downloading, and uploading speeds that are off the charts. You can stream your favorite content on Spectrum TV Essentials or Netflix with consistent speeds. Their secure, Advanced WiFi is like no other coming at the same cost, by allowing users access to a top-quality router that can be managed across any distance and at any time, using the My Spectrum App.

Spectrum One Advanced WiFi
Unlimited Texting and Calling with Spectrum One

Unlimited Texting and Calling

Spectrum One packages guarantee users unlimited mobile calling and texting privileges. All their Spectrum mobile plans include nationwide access to 5G, free of any additional charges. What’s more, is that you can also make free calls to Canada and Mexico. Enjoy music, videos, and more with the generous 20GB Internet on your Mobile Line.

Spectrum hotspot
Efficient Customer Service

A customer-centric contact center approach that caters to the needs of the customers, and provides efficient solutions, and quick support is the promise guaranteed by Spectrum.

Spectrum video player
Affordable Connectivity Program

This allows people who are eligible to save up to $30 per month on Internet connection and services, whilst enjoying the full scope of benefits Spectrum Internet has to offer.

Spectrum lock settings
One Package Fits All

Experience Advanced WiFi with top-notch security standards, incredible mobile service, and unlimited calls and messaging, in one fell swoop.

A Suitable Spectrum One Deal for All Customers

The Internet needs of all customers are different. Where some households may want to get a dependable connection for work, others may have hardcore Netflix fans, Twitch streamers, and FaceTime users living together. The provider knows this and offers different Spectrum One deal variants with speeds ranging from 300 Mbps to 1 Gbps (wireless speeds may vary). And none of these plans have a data cap nor do the speeds drop. With three plans, you can suit your budget and choose the plan that’s a perfect fit for you.

Spectrum One Deal

Available Where You Are

Spectrum has a vast coverage spreading across 41 states including various rural areas where many providers don’t even set foot. Check the status of availability in your area by dialing the Spectrum phone number and connecting with an agent.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Spectrum One cost?

The prices of this bundle start at $49.99/month and increase if you opt for higher speeds.

Is Spectrum 29.99 deal for existing customers?

Yes, it is available for existing customers of the service.

What's the difference between Spectrum and Spectrum One?

Spectrum is a service provider whereas Spectrum One is a service bundle by the company.