Spectrum Internet Packages and Plans

Enjoy Fast & Reliable Charter Internet Offers
Spectrum Internet Features:

  • 100 Mbps in fast internet speeds
  • Surf, stream, download, & game-all at the same time
  • FREE Virus/hacker/spam protection
  • FREE Internet Modem
  • No contract required

Spectrum Internet Prices, Packages and Speeds



  • Upto 400Mbps** in download speed
  • Unlimited data
  • Free spectrum hotspot access
  • Modem included with plan



  • Upto 400Mbps** in download speed
  • Unlimited data
  • Free spectrum hotspot access
  • Modem included with plan



  • Upto 400Mbps** in download speed
  • Unlimited data
  • Free spectrum hotspot access
  • Modem included with plan

High-Speed, High-Dependability, Unlimited Data



Spectrum Internet Users are Protected At All Times

Spectrum Security Suite keeps you safe from cyberattacks

The internet has truly been a technological revolution. Within just 2 decades of its commercial creation, the internet has created entire industries and professions that never existed before. It has transformed the way people approach social activities, entertainment, learning, and even working or running a business. At the same time, the internet has also given birth to a new kind of criminal: the cybercriminal. From full-scale DDoS malware attacks to ransomware to botnets and basic e-mail phishing, cybercriminals inhabit the shadowy corners of the internet, lurking around to trap unsuspecting victims.

While you should always follow safe and healthy internet usage practices, Spectrum Internet ensures you have additional peace of mind while using the internet. The provider’s advanced and robust Security Suite protects you from digital eavesdropping, identity or data theft, and even fraud. All for no extra cost to the Spectrum Internet subscriber. Security Suite is included with all standalone and bundled internet plans.

The Best Internet Packages Spectrum Offers

Like many large internet service providers, Spectrum has a host of other services available, like cable TV and advanced home phone services. Packaged deals mean you can combine your high-speed internet services with any or all of the provider’s other services. Spectrum allows internet subscribers to choose between standalone internet plans, Double Play deals, and Triple Play bundles. With tiered services to choose from in each bundle, you can expect a number of options to fit your internet needs.

Spectrum customer service

Standalone Spectrum Internet Plans

The provider’s standalone internet plan, known simply as Spectrum Internet, is an internet-only package. Depending on your location, you can get speeds as high as 100 Mbps** (200 Mbps in select markets), sufficient for virtually all internet needs in most subscribed homes. Like every plan with Spectrum Internet, you have access to unlimited data and high speeds, as well as access to the provider’s nationwide network of Wi-Fi hotspots. The standalone plan comes with:

  • Up to 100 Mbps** in download speeds.
  • Unlimited data.
  • Free Spectrum hotspot access.
  • Modem included with plan.

Starting at

$ 49.99
per month

Spectrum Double Play Silver

Spectrum Double Play Silver is one of the most popular mid-tier TV and internet bundles the provider currently offers. In addition to outstanding internet service, the package includes Silver Spectrum TV Packages. TV Silver contains a respectable channel lineup of over 175 channels including free HD options. This makes it the package of choice for subscribers who aren’t ready to live an internet-only lifestyle. This package includes:

  • Over 175 channels including free HD options.
  • Up to 100 Mbps** in download speeds.
  • Unlimited data.
  • Access to HBO, Showtime, and NFL Network.

Starting at

$ 119.98
per month

Spectrum Double Play
Spectrum Internet subscriber

Spectrum Triple Play Gold

Spectrum Triple Play Gold is as good as it can get for a Spectrum Internet subscriber. The premium service combines the high-speed internet, HD cable TV, and advanced home phone services to deliver the best all-around home connectivity in virtually any service area. With access to premium TV networks, internet speeds of up to 100 Mbps** and feature-rich residential voice services, you still get a great starting price:

  • Over 200 unique channels and HD options.
  • Internet speeds up to 100 Mbps**.
  • Unlimited data.
  • Unlimited long-distance calls

Starting at

$ 152.97
per month

Over 500K Wi-Fi Hotspots

Every Spectrum Internet subscriber can access one of the 530,000 nation-wide hotspots the provider offers with their subscriber credentials.

Unlimited Data Allowance

Each high-speed internet plan comes with unlimited data access, making sure you have the best overage-free experience possible in your area.

Strong Security Protection

Never be scared of cyberattacks again, with the provider’s Security Suite protecting each subscriber from suspicious websites, links, etc.

Spectrum Internet Only

Spectrum Internet Only

Known simply as Spectrum Internet, this is the standard internet plan the provider offers in most coverage areas. Spectrum Internet packages can be ordered as a standalone plan for internet-only subscribers, and can also be bundled with TV or home phone services, or even both. Spectrum Internet plans offer up to 100 Mbps (200 Mbps** in some areas) of download speeds, along with unlimited data as well as free access to the provider’s nationwide network of public Wi-Fi hotspots. All you need to sign in to a hotspot are your Spectrum Internet credentials. Starting at very affordable rates, this plan is for savvy internet consumers who don’t need any other services.

Spectrum Internet Ultra

Spectrum Internet Ultra is a higher-tier plan that offers download speeds of up to 400 Mbps**. Combined with reliable connectivity and unlimited data with each plan, Internet Ultra is perfect for intensive internet consumption or households with multiple internet users. While not offered in every Spectrum service area, this plan is extremely popular in the select markets that it is currently available in. Offering nearly double the maximum speed of the provider’s standard and widely available internet plan, you might want to check early on if it is available in your area.

Spectrum internet ultra
Spectrum internet gig

Spectrum Internet Gig

Internet Ultra isn’t the provider’s only higher-speed internet plan. In fact, it isn’t even the highest speed the provider offers. Spectrum Gig Internet is a premium internet offering, currently only available in select markets. With a maximum download speed of 940 Mbps**, the plan is perfect for heavy internet users who demand the highest speeds at the lowest latency. Thanks to a proprietary cable-fiber hybrid infrastructure, Spectrum is able to deliver fiber-level speeds for the most discerning of internet users. Of course, given that this plan also comes with no data limits, you can expect to have one of the best internet experiences offered in the United States, provided Gig Internet is available near you.

Spectrum Internet Assist

For households that struggle to stretch their budgets, this can be extremely restrictive on their ability to access and use high-speed internet. Given that the vast majority of schools, universities, and even businesses require people to have an internet subscription in order to work or study from home, this can put members of low-income households at a serious disadvantage.

Spectrum Internet Assist is part of the provider’s larger efforts to ensure equitable low-cost internet access to qualifying low-income or income-assisted homes. It offers steady speeds of up to 30 Mbps**, but it also comes with a much lower price tag of just $14.99 per month.

Spectrum internet assist

Affordable Low-Cost Internet

Spectrum Internet Assist is part of the provider’s ongoing efforts to ensure equitable internet access to low-income homes.

package icons

Make sure internet availability does not impact your kid's education

Triple Play Select

  • Spectrum Internet Assist:
  • Steady speeds of 30 Mbps**
  • Costs just $14.99 per month
  • Access to the provider’s study tools.
  • Available in select service areas
  • Only for qualifying homes.

Starting At

$ 14

for 12 months

Their plans serve low data as well as high data users.

Spectrum Internet Add-Ons and Extras

With Spectrum Internet, you’re not just getting stellar internet service. You also get several value-added advantages that many other providers may not be able to match.

Access to Spectrum Internet Hotspots Nationwide

With every internet plan, you can access over 500,000 Charter Wi-Fi hotspots. All you need are your customer credentials and your Spectrum My Account details.

Access to Spectrum TV App if Bundled With TV

The cord-cutter lifestyle not cutting it for you? Bundle Spectrum Internet with a cable TV to access all programming and channels on Android or iOS devices via the Spectrum TV App.

Qualified to Subscribe to Spectrum Mobile

Spectrum Mobile is an outstanding cellular mobile service, based on Verizon’s nationwide network. As a Spectrum Internet customer, sign up for Spectrum Mobile and try the Unlimited or By-The-Gig plans.

Shared Data Plans For All Family Members

Adding on Spectrum Mobile also allows you the option to get a shared data plan. Depending on what options you choose, multiple family members can have access to high-speed and reliable mobile internet within the same billing plan.

Advanced In-Home Wi-Fi Gateway

For a nominal monthly rental fee, Spectrum allows you access to an advanced and sophisticated Wi-Fi gateway, that can offer extensive Wi-Fi network access with consistent signal strength in most parts of your home.

Get a Buy-Out† On Existing Contracts

Want to make the switch to Spectrum but stuck in an existing contract with another provider? Spectrum buys out† new bundle customers from their existing contract for up to $500, helping you avoid termination fees.

Get Spectrum Internet for the Best Internet Experience

Get unlimited data, fast speeds, and an advanced modem with every plan

We’ve only been seeing Spectrum Internet services since 2014 when the brand first emerged. But Charter Spectrum or sometimes simply Spectrum is Charter Communications’ registered trade name. The company is one of the largest internet service providers in the country, with one of the biggest coverage areas spanning over 40 states.

When it comes to residential internet services, you should always check if Spectrum covers your area. If it does, you should have no problem switching to a reliable high-speed internet provider that also offers unlimited data with every internet plan. All at a very reasonable price. Spectrum also offers HD cable TV and feature-rich services to over 100 million subscribers across the United States of America.

get unlimited data

Features That Set Charter Internet Apart from Others

The Basics With Each Plan

Whether you’re a new internet subscriber looking for your first internet provider, or an internet services veteran looking to switch to a better service, Spectrum Internet is the answer to all your woes. There are several very good reasons to switch to the provider, the most obvious ones being reliable high-speed service with speeds reaching 100 Mbps**. Each plan includes an unlimited data allowance. No worrying about any early contract termination fees with outstanding Spectrum customer support capability. Higher-speed Internet Ultra and Gig Internet are also available in select markets.

State-Of-The-Art Protection

Internet access is a necessity in the modern age, but too many people fail to give due importance to safe and secure internet use. As the digital space is ever-expanding and ever-changing, cybercriminals have emerged to prey on any unsuspecting victims they can find. That is why your Spectrum Internet plan comes equipped with a robust Security Suite. This offers safe internet access, as well as real-time protection and threat detection. You don’t have to pay extra for it. The Security Suite is part of every internet plan.

Features That Set Spectrum Apart

Gig-level Speeds

If you thought just because the provider offers cable internet, it can’t reach seriously high speeds, you’d be wrong. Thanks to a sophisticated hybrid-coaxial service delivery infrastructure, Spectrum is able to offer fiber-level speeds of up to 940 Mbps**. While currently only available in select markets, the provider is working on efforts to fortify and expand its Gig Internet service to more markets across the United States of America. Spectrum Gig Internet is by far one of the fastest cable/fiber hybrid internet services available anywhere in the country, giving true-fiber providers a run for their money.

Low-Cost Internet Available

Low-cost internet access for qualifying subscribers is part of Spectrum’s efforts to ensure wide and equitable internet availability for Americans. To qualify, you must meet certain conditions. For example, you must be in a Spectrum Internet Assist° service area. You must also have a child enrolled in NSLP, CEP, or SSI programs. Finally, you must not be an existing Spectrum Internet subscriber. Spectrum Internet Assist plans start for as low as $14.99 per month* for the first 12 months. This is by far one of the best low-cost options available in most areas in the United States.

Nationwide Availability – Spectrum Is Where You Are!

Spectrum offers its broadband Internet, cable, and voice services across 41 states with the greatest coverage in New York, California, and Texas. Zoom into the map for checking the availability of the company’s services in your city or state.

Best Value For Money Per MB With Every Plan

Most new subscribers simply look at the price tag of an internet service before making their decision. However, if you really want to get the most bang for your buck, you’d be better off looking at how much you’re paying per MB of speed every month. The table below can help you decide better.

PlanStarting Price*Minimum Download Speeds**Maximum Downloads Speeds**Minimum Cost per MB**Maximum Cost per MB**
Spectrum Internet$49.99 per month60Mbps100Mbps$0.49$0.83
Spectrum Internet Ultra$69.99 per month300Mbps400Mbps$0.17$0.24
Spectrum Gig Internet$109.99 per month........940Mbps$0.12$0.12

Frequently Asked Questions

Is In-Home Wi-Fi optional?

Spectrum Internet subscribers can choose to rent an advanced Wi-Fi router in addition to the internet modem. All for a very reasonable fee.

Is the modem included in my plan?

Every Spectrum Internet plan comes with a cable internet modem included in its cost. The cable modem acts as a gateway between your wired devices, router, etc., and the provider’s operation centers.

Can I use other modems?

Unlike a router, no other modem will work with your internet service. However, it’s still an advantage considering you don’t have to deal with equipment rentals.

How large is the Spectrum coverage area?

Spectrum Internet has one of the largest service coverage footprints among internet providers in the United States. With service areas spanning over 40 states across the country.

Can I move my subscription to a new address?

Thanks to wide Spectrum Internet availability, you may find it to be a commonly available option in most internet markets. That means you don’t necessarily have to switch to another plan or provider if you move to another market.

Are there any early termination fees?

Unlike most other providers, Spectrum has no early termination clause and allows you to terminate your service at any time you choose.