Charter Spectrum Coverage Map –Which are Available Cities?

Charter Spectrum mapping

Are you tired of the slow Internet speed and limited entertainment options from your ISP or cable company? Maybe it’s time to switch. Charter Spectrum has got you covered with its amazing plans such as Spectrum One. It’s also offering more coverage than other providers. Find out if it’s available in your city or state…

Spectrum’s Coverage Area

After the merger of Bright House Networks and Time Warner Cable in 2016, Charter has become one of the top 2 leading providers of the Internet in the USA. The coverage area includes 102.7 million residential customers spanning in 44 states across the country. In addition to broadband cable, the provider also offers fiber Internet service to businesses in 5,899 zip codes.

Top cites where Charter Spectrum’s services are spread include the following:

  • Los Angeles
  • New York
  • San Antonia
  • Dallas
  • Austin
  • Charlotte
  • Brooklyn
  • El Paso
  • Columbus
  • Fort Worth

Speed and Bandwidth

Even the lowest Charter Spectrum Internet tier is 4 times greater than the fastest available DSL speeds by other providers. The ISP offers impressive bandwidth value compared to CLEC and ILEC offerings.


The provider doesn’t disappoint when it comes to reliability. Its fiber-rich network is secure. Moreover, Carrier-grade ring topology is used to offer this level of reliability.

Charter Spectrum Availability

Spectrum’s services are spread in urban and suburban areas within the country. It covers major metro areas on the east and west coasts starting from New York to Los Angeles. After the Time Warner Cable and Bright House Network merger in 2016, their coverage area increased more dramatically.

With the Charter service area map, you can check which states are within the coverage area. Simply enter the zip code and it will show if the services are available in your city and state.

Spectrum map USA


Speeds and Plans Vary By Location

The speeds of its plans are not the same in all locations. 200 Mbps is the maximum download speed for their basic plan. However, some locations have 60 or 100 Mbps max speed for the same plan.

Similar is the case with the Internet Ultra plan. Gig plan has the most consistent speed so far but it’s only available in selective markets.

You can always expand your Spectrum Tv choice channel lineup by choosing any of these add-ons.

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Premium Networks

The Silver and Gold packages already include premium networks like Showtime and HBO. You can add STARZ, Cinemax, and others at an additional fee and make your cable even more premium.

Sports Channels

If you are a sports lover, the sports pack will be a treat for you. It includes NFL Network, Golf Channel, and RedZone. Customers also have the choice to add pro sports channels like NBA League Pass, MLB Extra Innings, and NHL Center Ice.

International Networks

For all the Spanish speakers in the house, Spectrum offers Spanish channels for all. You can choose up to 75 Spanish networks. Also, Punjabi and Hindi packs are available too.

Would you like to subscribe to the provider? Before you settle on any plan. Also,  it’s recommended to check the service availability in your area and then call Charter Spectrum technical support for further queries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out some frequently asked questions about the provider:

Q: Are Spectrum and Brighthouse the Same Company?

Ans: Yes. Spectrum is the trade name of Charter communications. After the acquisition of Time Warner Cable and Bright House Network by charter, these operations are assumed the brand “Spectrum.”

Q: Are Spectrum and Charter the Same Company?

Ans: Yes, Charter Communications is a telecommunications and mass media company offering services under the branding of Charter Spectrum.

Q: Are Time Warner Cable and Spectrum the Same Company?

Ans: Yes. Time Warner Cable, the American cable company was acquired by Charter in 2016 and operates under the brand name Spectrum.