8 Reasons How TV Is Actually Perfect for Family Bonding

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When I was growing up, my parents and grandparents were concerned that TV ate into our family time too much. They felt that individual members of the family spent far too much time watching TV shows, movies, and even infomercials. Therefore it’s very ironic that two decades or so later, TV is one of the very few things families do together.

Family Bonding Over TV

Being a father to two very rebellious teenagers, I know firsthand how difficult it can be to make your kids come out of their rooms. Kids these days spend their time glued to all sorts of screens, like mobile phones, tablets, and even laptop computers. It can be difficult to get their attention for a few minutes, let alone spend family time together.

But over the years, I found that my Spectrum TV packages offered one of the very few avenues to connect with my kids. I spent some time understanding what new TV shows are like and which ones interest my kids the most. Then I started watching these shows and surprising my kids with trivia about their favorite characters. In just a few weeks (or episodes) I already felt more in touch with my children. All thanks to TV.

How To Do It?

There’s no exact science behind bonding with family over TV. It’s not like how I pay Charters bills online, simple, easy-to-follow steps. I do believe that it is easier for families with children of similar ages than it is for families with kids of different ages. As parents, you need to find what content your kids engage with the most. Pay attention to their conversations and actions. See if they talk about popular TV shows or even obscure movies. Then simply pick a show or movie that you feel can pique your interest as well.

Once you have picked a show or movie, get up to date on it. Discuss the latest episodes and developments and reviews with your children. Talk to them about how you find the show and what interests you in it. After the initial shock wears off, you will find your kids talking to you more about the shows or movies, which you can use to bond with them on a deeper level.

Why does It work?

Anyone who has ever been a teenager knows how rocky things can get between kids and even the most loving of parents. Part of that is our fault. We come from different times, and we were raised in different ways in different environments. Expecting our children to emulate us when the world is constantly changing seems foolish. It makes sense to bond over one of the very few things we have in common, such as the Spectrum cable I pay for.

Family Bonding Over TV

There is also another thing that parents need to realize. Kids often perceive parents as being outdated or even irrelevant. This leads to a disconnect between kids, who can feel any number of emotions from annoyance to embarrassment to anger.

One of the ways to bond better with your children as a family is to make an effort to understand their lifestyles. Make no mistake, children are very acutely aware of what their parents do. With luck, your kids will notice and appreciate your efforts to “keep up with the times”.

Channels and Shows to Check Out

Kids are very demanding and choosy about their entertainment than we were at that age. A lot of that is thanks to an upsurge in quality content on both cinema and TV. While I would certainly recommend going to the movies with your kids to connect with them, you can find plenty to bond over on TV.

For TV Shows

HBO is a premium TV channel that airs some of the best critically acclaimed original shows in modern TV. You might have missed the Game of Thrones bandwagon, but there are plenty of spinoffs you can capitalize on. There’s also a lot more you can find on HBO to connect with your kids over, such as Watchmen, Chernobyl, Succession, Barry, and The Juice.

For Movies

Hallmark is one of the best options when you want to catch a movie at home with your family. The network airs movies and holiday specials all year round. Check out their current movie schedule and pick a movie you think your family would enjoy.

For Sports

Football is one of the most American activities for families to bond over. You should start your children young, encouraging their interest in sports and football teams. If you have kids who enjoy playing and watching sports, the NFL Network may be just the thing you need to add to your channel lineup.