What Channel is SEC Network on Spectrum?

As an American, loving sport is almost second nature. When it is a game season, barbeques are everywhere, the beer is flowing, and everyone is glued to the TV. Is it any wonder there are so many local, regional, and national sports networks? The SEC Network on Spectrum cable is one of the most popular […]

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How To Fix Spectrum Error Code IA01?

All Spectrum cable subscribers must have been there. You are watching your favorite show, movie, or sports event and all of a sudden the screen goes blank. You see the error code IA01 displayed on your screen. Don’t worry, it does not mean your service is out. You can fix this problem even if you […]

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How to Order Pay Per View on Spectrum?

Pay Per View on Spectrum is a delight for all users who don’t want a cable TV subscription. It’s a handy option for sports enthusiasts and people like us who want to watch the latest shows on premium channels. Planning to order it? Here’s all the help you need. Just like Spectrum TV, PPV is […]

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